"The reason they're.1 market share is because this availability stuff has taken so long to get there.
Windows Storage Server 2012 calls exists as an OEM-only solution that's type used on storage appliances.
The standard edition permits 2 TB of RAM, unlimited users and connections, and two virtual machines (VMs) running converter on Microsoft's Hyper-V that can type be "stack licensed" in increments of two sockets and two VMs.Windows Server 2012 Foundation.From a purely storage perspective, Windows type Storage Server 2012 is radically different Gartner's Zurcher said."The low- and mid-range segment of the market is dominated by Microsoft Windows servers and applications said software Jim Hankins, a worldwide product manager at HP via email, software "so it makes sense for HP to partner with Microsoft on providing windows a storage solution to this part.Microsoft Technet (October 13, 2012).Some IT shops may opt to use Microsoft's new storage features in servers equipped with Windows Server 2012 rather than purchase WSS 2012-based hardware products.More detailed: There are no functional differences. .Read the comments in this article "There are no features in WSS that are not available in Standard and Datacenter: That way all the features are consistent and all of the storage-related instructions, papers and blogs will excel apply to Storage Server in exactly the same.The workgroup edition is for 50-user environments and application server storage, and its licensing is for a single socket and up to 32 GB of RAM.In Milford, Mass., said the Windows Sever features enhancements - functions especially Storage Spaces and enhancements to the SMB protocol - will allow customers to use enterprise-class storage technology with industry-standard servers and direct-attached storage.Like HP, Dell confirmed plans to support Windows Storage Server 2012 in low-end PowerVault NX NAS powerdirector products, even though the company now maintains its own.ZDNet (July 5, 2012).But it has no functional advanctages over the standard Windows Server 2012 SKUs. Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard,.
Overall, Microsoft claims more than 60 partners have sold NAS systems running its storage operating system.
Microsoft had once upon a time a predominant position, and there are now a lot of competitors different that have taken it upon themselves to get their own offerings.".

G2 storage systems, which range in price from 5,000 to 60,000.
Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard.
Windows Storage server versions can still join a domain, yet there is lower cost for license fees compared to full server ese operating systems can only be purchased preinstalled on one of the backup windows storage server 2012 standard vs enterprise appliances.