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Microsoft bloatware in action yet again.
Before : nisekoi After: So almost 3Gb on nisekoi my Windows cleanup 7 Sp1 machine is released.
Disk Cleanup ( cleanmgr.You can also run these commands : Takeown /f windirwinsxsManifestCache icacls windirwinsxsManifestCache* drive /grant administrators:F.Umm try 10GB and 16k plus files.So having all the windows updates done, I read about this winsxs issue and I am told to software run C:Windowssystem32 dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded in an elevated command prompt, which I do, and I get the attached error message image every time, and no space.I have a Dell Windows Server link game 2008 R2 SP1 and the C: drive was apparently WAY too small as the winsxs folder is running it right out of piece space.I will explain the last episode one here. .Other than having Dell install a bigger C: drive, how can I shrink this winsxs folder safely?I attempted to Move all folders older than Dec 31 2015 but they are all locked by the TrustedInstaller - which does not have the option to stop that service.Del /q windirwinsxsManifestCache in my case this cleanup another 500Mb.The drive winsxs folder in c:windows can be really big, the only way to cleanup is using the microsoft command line tools : Windows Server 2003 : VSP1clean.There are 16,614 folders in there and I have the cleanup KB installed - it reports zero bytes of Service Pack Backup Files to be cleaned.An episode nero old thread yes, but same problem.Running dism /online /Cleanup-Image /SpSuperseded reports: Service Pack Cleanup can't proceed: No service pack backup episode files were found.Exe, windows Server 2008 : compcln.Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 copy cd7dacleanmgr.Exe C:WindowsSystem32 copy C:Windowswinsxsamd64_i C:WindowsSystem32en-US, windows Server 2008 x64 copy C:WindowsSystem32 copy C:Windowswinsxsamd64_i C:WindowsSystem32en-US, windows Server 2012 x64 copy C:WindowsSystem32 copy C:WindowsWinSxSamd64_i C:WindowsSystem32en-US. One of the servers I look after has 10GB of directories/files in the winsxs directory.
Start your command prompt As Administrator.

Usage: dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded, note: After running this command it wont be possible to uninstall any service windows server 2008 sp1 cleanup winsxs packs!
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The operation completed successfully.