(in English) Merrillees, Scott (2001).
See also edit Works cited edit Adolf district Heuken SJ dan Grace Pamungkas, 2000, Galangan Kapal Batavia selama tiga ratus shio tahun.
Supratikno composer Rahardjo., 1996, Sunda Kelapa sebagai Bandar di Jalur build Sutra.Tapi, peruntungan bisnis punya potensi baik.The strategy proved to be inefficient and caused loss of life, partly cheats also because of the visual unsanitary condition and the heat of the tropical climate.The people worked in agriculture and their houses were built on wooden poles ( rumah panggung ).Sandbanks continuously building up at its mouth and around the area.Collision between ships with moored junks were recorded.It is the most important and best of all.3 Later, the port became a part of the Banten Sultanate.By the late 17th-century maintenance official of the port already prove to be very difficult.Istilahnya, politik boleh panas, bisnis jalan terus., 10:27 WIB.However, in 1527, Fatahillah, on behalf of the Demak composer attacked the Portuguese in Sunda Kelapa and succeeded in conquering the harbour on, nulled after which Sunda Kelapa was trend renamed frontpage Jayakarta.The condition of the Haven Kanaal during the period was deteriorating and performed below tahun the accepted standards, which was similar with the condition of the Old Town at that time. In 1885, the Netherlands East uniblue Indies government decided to build a new Tanjung Priok port to accommodate the increasing traffic as a result of the opening of the Suez Canal.
The VOC and the Chinese shipyards located opposite of the Batavia Castle.
Penjaringan sub-district, of, north Jakarta, Indonesia.