Fix large mahabharatham memory support, and now we psychology can font unlock the memory 55M!
Folge 27 Krass Klassenfahrt 14:43 1000 Liegestutze (easy) 02:07, kidda - coco 02:36.
Altered default CFW settings for noobs best (PSP Go Savestate Hack) Added UMD4Homebrew Patch, thanks to hack ardi Added djmax3 Anti-CFW Patch (CFW Folder Hide) best PSN PSX Games can now use custom manual game files urdu Extended KUBridge Functions and added SDK Examples Added /ISO/ in htmlviewer download.35.Cannot run after the fix into the UMD ISO!Fixed compression support with updater!7:44, dIE krasse AFFÄRE!Fixed syscall execution, thanks to urdu ubuntu neur0n!Fixed freeze on Patapon with Inferno!Fixed crash on system mahabharatham version display!Fixed crash in recovery menu (Plugin Picker)!PSN PSX Games can now use custom manual files.PSP Go can now resume best paused PS1 eboots New Recovery schacter Menu Option to prevent PSP Go Savestate Deletion New Recovery Menu Option to disable Analog Stick (to prevent broken Analog Sticks from ruining your game) Heavily improved Plugin Compatiblity vijay (give your previously unworking stuff. Fix order of ISO!
Fix game CPU frequency!
Some bug gothic fixes recovery menu!