Ankit Mohan Ashwatthama Dronacharyas son, Duryodhana's friend.
The story begins with Devavrata, the son of badboy Shantanu and xbox Ganga a disciple of Parshuram.
Paras Arora Abhimanyu Arjun and Subhadras son, Uttaras husband and Parikshits father.As from 6 December 2015, the show starts airing in its original version and subtitled in English on MBC Digital 4 every Sunday in Mauritius.Gurpreet Singh as Prince Rukmi, Rukminis ebook brother.The Times of India reported in 2014 that the show has a huge fan following abroad and as result, the prominent characters from the show had been called to Indonesia for a special event.19 episode Other remover countries edit In Indonesia, the drama was broadcast on antv dubbed in Indonesian in March 2014.10 Reception and impact edit Critics edit Writing for Rediff, Nishi Tiwari wrote that "If it maintains the quality of writing winutilities and able actors who portray key characters, we may have another winner among us".Therefore, Lord Shiva grants Amba the boon of rebirth with a memory of the past and the fate to cause Bhismas death.Recurring edit Atul Mishra ebook as Ved Vyas Akhilendra Mishra as Kansa Kunwar Vikram Soni products as Krishna Tarun Khanna as Balram, Krishnas elder brother.Vin Rana Nakula Fourth Pandava, Son of Ashwini Kumar and Madri, husband of Draupadi and Karenumati and father of Shatanika and Niramitra.Retrieved 26 September 2013.Reborn as Shikandi odium in the Panchal Kingdom, football she partakes in Bhismas death and fulfills the boon.The Times of India.Mahabharatham -.avi.40 GB, mahabharatham -.avi.40 GB Mahabharatham -.avi.40 GB Mahabharatham -.avi.40 GB Mahabharatham -.avi.40 GB Mahabharatham -.avi.40 GB Mahabharatham -.avi.40 GB Mahabharatham -.avi.40 GB Mahabharatham -.avi.39 GB Mahabharatham -.avi.39 GB Mahabharatham -.avi.39 GB Mahabharatham.Thus, Bhisma gives up his rightful allies throne and Satyavati rules the kingdom as the Rajmaata (Mother of the King) after her husbands death.Nirbhay Wadhwa Dushasana Duryodhana and Dushilas brother, 2nd Kaurava and Dhritarashtra and Gandharis son.The crew members also won the awards for Best Costumes ebook for a TV game Programme, Best Make Up Artist, cheat and Best Stylist. Retrieved "Riding high on 'Mahabharat' ratings, Star Plus tops the chart".