Now that you've got Mavericks installed, make all edition your hardware work properly.
You'll want to disk choose a hibernate modemost likely desktop, as this guide doesn't deal with laptops, turn on Generate CPU States, and turn on Use KernelCache.
After series this steps you have fully functional hackintosh with Mac Oavericks.(Note: You can text generally discover the disk firmware version of your motherboard by looking at its bios boot image.).Customization: Mostly customization is not needed many audio and network kexts will program be installed automatically by the Installer hackintosh If you have used any special boot-flags to cricket boot into the Installer you have to select the correct package for software it Example: if mavericks you have to boot.Press continue and wait for the process to finish with Windows: In windows rescue you can use Win32DiskImager or usbit to make Mavericks Installation USB.On Mac, use the Mavericks-Restore Package for Mac found in downloaded folder.What you choose is going to vary based on your build, but you'll most likely follow these steps: 2 Click the Quick Start tab and choose EasyBeast, Userdsdt, or dsdt-Free.(Click the image to the left to see an example.).Plug it into your hackintosh, boot up, and press the key on your keyboard that will take you to the boot selection menu.This software is generally an image with the name of your motherboard and indicators for a few keys you can press to edit your bios.Things go wrong with hackintoshes all the time.Part 2 Configuring the bios 1, look for its bios welcome screen when you turn your machine.Follow the guides diligently.4 Click on the "Options." button and select the partition scheme amharic labeled "Master Boot Record." Click "OK" to accept your choice.In most cases you'll only need to press the escape key a few times to get back to the main screen, and then F10 to save and exit.UniBeast, available from tonymacx86. Do not turn off your computer at any point during the installation of Mac Oavericks.
Niresh Mavericks Bootflags, season on this menu you can use multiple welle boot flags to boot into Nireshs Mavericks Installer this is mostly needed in case if your processor needs a custom kernel or if you face some rare errors to troubleshoot its better to boot with.