To say windows much more would spoil things, but expect the list trickery to extend beyond the confines of the game.
The best thing about.Tom Senior, imscared, imscared is a low-fi first-person horror game that current describes itself describes itself as a "metahorror" experience.I'm not rates sure current what happened to Byrne's non-horror follow-up, New Game Plus, but it sure looked cool.What if all these features were found in a computer game?All are free, not heavy on specs and can easily be played on mid-range laptops or desktop computers: SCP: Containment Breach.Roughly: you're a boy on the run in some sort of dystopic otherworld, navigating puzzles, platforms, and inventively nightmarish insta-deaths.In a certain frame of mind I will tell you it is the perfect zombie widget game.With everyone sharing everything on the Internet constantly, staples these independent creators are finally windows getting the exposure they deserve.Soma, the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent bring a creepy, underwater survival horror.Full of puzzles, psychological horror, and horrifying robotic villains.Warped and unexpected, proceed with this bubble pink hued nightmare with caution.With low-fi visuals and excellent sound design, Duskers overflows with tension, producer atmosphere, and lots of delicious oh-shit moments.Lone Survivor, this neat Silent Hill-infused sidescrolling adventure sees you trying to escape a disease-ridden city, and what transpires is shaped by how you playhow many pills you take, how much you've slept and.It's a huge, current again also literally, spoiler current that we've talked about at length elsewhere on the site, and which developer Playdead gave a great talk about making at GDC last year.Among the Sleep, your deep-seated childhood staples fears come back to haunt you in Among the Sleep.Fran soon escapes to find her current cat where she suffers from reality breaks and gruesome visions caused by medication. .The spiritual sequel to Limbo leans on similarly gorgeous but bleak art and animation, but has a story that's far more interesting than its rates predecessor.The first Last Stand was a straightforward thing about standing behind barricades as the undead approached from screen left and learning when to switch to the chainsaw as they neared. But overall player I'd say this is an interesting horror game which I, a terrified person, managed episode to play and get something out.

One of the scariest game indie horror game which franchises in recent years, Outlast follows an investigative journalist, Miles as he explores a once-abandoned mental hospital.
Maybe it is the perfect zombie game.