fm 2011 patch 11.3 mac

Transfers - fundamentals Player loses transfer budget but doesn't sign player eclipse - Bosman ruling working correctly outside of England.
African Super Cup Past fundamentals winners have been ammended and eclipse the years stored updated to the current game format.Confidence - Fixed confidence news item post-match stating fans went home in book a bouyant mood after being knocked out by a late equaliser (away goals).Africa African Nations Cup host for 20 reader is now coming from the three nations which placed bids tool in the real life for these two competitions.Increased the likelihood of players backing down in conversations.Added an option to conversations to let the user leave the conversation once it has reached the second stage.User can no longer request to improve the teams training and youth facilities if an upgrade is already in progress.Greece Added a match rule for Greek national B (max 5 foreigners players allowed) - Tweaked Superleague euro competition playoff dates so that there are enough dates to handle more than 4 teams involved and matches are played mostly on Sunday and Wednesday.Fixed string announcing stadium will be packed when health not anywhere near capacity.Ensured resumes players who are good enough to be first team regulars get stated as such in the loan offer news item.Press Conferences - Fixed user questioned about toughness of away draw when due to nature of the cup round, the team would removing tool always be drawn away.Social Networking - Goal uploads now have differing office titles and descriptions - Stopped potential jump to match overview panel while uploading a clip - Prevented use of keyboard handbook shortcuts during upload process - Fixed issue analyzer where uploads would fail if team name contained ' '. Fixed incorrect description of international players in 'players involved in national team' round-up.g.

Argentina Premier Division calendar table at start of game now filled out with Closing table standings from fm 2011 patch 11.3 mac 2009/10 season.
Fixed user receiving record news for reserve competitions when not subscribed to them.
Backroom Advice - Action button for squad status changes advice for B team players now work correctly.