Now the installer wont override the user settings.
The current screen button and minifmrte are not working for users with.2.2 Patch.
In game real-time editor for Football Manager 2012.Added a update checker, so now fmrte will automatically check for updates, and warn you if a new version is available.Fixed a bug that was shogun causing fmrte to think that the another savegame was loaded, asking the user to reload fmrte (12.2.0 Russian version).Fixed a bug that was causing fmrte to use more resources then it needed.This is where you should report any other bugs as well.Changelist (.1.4 fixed a bug in total clubs tactics information.God56 0.36 hidden GB :57 god56 Indie, Post-Rock Post-Punk (lossy) (emo, experimental, indie, ck, ck) American Football.Important Notes: fmrte is in beta and may have bugs that can crash your truth game, use it at your own risk, and make sure you backup your savegame!Ctrls, saves fmrte current screen (same as pressing the Save button).Football Manager Real Time Editor is the first app to become available for FM 2012!F5 or ctrlr, reloads the fmrte current screen (same as click refresh button).Added leagues colours, added leagues winter ball colour, added leagues winter ball start and end date.Our official statement on the matter can be found on the thread Annoyed, porto I trapcode need to donate to use fmrte (.Ctrlnumber, adds a new tab ingles with the gamer peace club, if are playing with two editor managers, you can use ctrl1 and ctrl2 folder Credits: This application is created by Ruci and this is his official site.So if you want to keep cast using fmrte, you should use steam in offline mode, or do a full backup of the folder of the game, so you can restore it later.Changelist billig ( knowledge added support for the new licenses shogun purchased in our online store.Changelist ( added support for.2.0, added support for.2.0 manager Russian version.Fixed some minor bugs, fixed a bug that was causing (in some rare cases) fmrte to keep asking for activation even when it was already activated.FM versions supported: Football Manager (Retail version). Opens fmrte Mass Edit Window, ctrlshiftw, closes all tabs.