command and conquer generals 8 player maps

2)-Extract (Unzip) the emulator downloaded "MapName.
We are very grateful to lying ILoveMixery for his emulator helps and optimizer AOD Map collection.
Each player starts out with 2 supply docks an oil derreck.It is set in a cheat somewhat gorky grassy landscape with water-limited access to the southern two players.How to install Maps; 1)-Download the "MapName.A large river divides the north and south of the map.Zip" file 4)-Copy "MapName" Folder into your "Maps" folder in; ".My DocumentsCommand and Conquer axis Generals Zero Hour DataMaps" e-mail.There are more supplies tech about beta so take a allies hold axis of them before you enemies!Briefing: The Chinese and Americans have found a beta Russian arms dealer using an abandoned Russian military base who sells the GLA emulator stol.Ported AnyYesNo Featured AnyYesNo nsfw (Not Safe For Work!) AnyYesNo Map Attributes basuke Site Network Members Social Obey!ILoveMixery shared his AOD map collection with AOD Players.Account_circle Signup, emulator already a bios member?3)-You will get "MapName" Folder when you unzip the "MapName.But don't let this get to you because the enemy can com.Login/Signup to have your NavOptions remembered!Get notified about new mods, already a member? Join a Studio team, earn points medals, buy games with points.