Nokia Lumia 925, nokia Lumia 928, microsoft Lumia 929.
Field Firmware Update on Selected Samsung Brand eMMC.
Nokia Lumia 630, nokia Lumia 638, nokia Lumia 720.
Release Date: July 31, 2015, firmware Version Required only from ATF games Advance Turbo Flasher authorized resellers: ATF Advance Turbo Flasher Authorized Distributors setup and Resellers List.Nokia Lumia 735 DS, nokia Lumia 810, nokia Lumia 820.Power On the Phone and Connect it to the USB Port.ATF Box USB Driver Required:.12.06 Windows.1 (32-bit and 64-bit) Available in Windows battle Driver Update Server.You can also manually install them from the usual location: C:AdvanceBox Turbo FlasherDriverATF_NEW_drivers, few Improvements:.Removes Permanent WP Bit on ALL Samsung Brand eMMC (First in The personal World).Level 1 and Level 2 bamboo for setup NON-corrupted simlocks on a dead phone.Emmc Manufacture deadpool ID: hynix emmc Product SN : 1466C875 emmc_size: 32 Gigabytes Query Battery Charge Status.Release Date: October 24, 2013, firmware Version Required :.3.80, bamboo aTF jtag * Added New BIG boot files for all Lumia Phones * Added Lumia 1020 boot repair Support.ATF Box USB Driver Required:.12.06 Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit) Available in Windows Driver Update Server.Official Iran Support Forum : asangsm forum, bangladesh: Advance Box - Dhaka Mobile, chinese Support forum :.General Updates * Complete Product Listing in i (as of October 24, 2013).Wait until the Phone Vibrates Shortly.Battery charge_status: 99 Sending Image Signatures.Exit flash Mode Successful!Other small tweaks which I already forgot to mention.Infineon * Added Read Flash File Option for Infineon XG110 fbus Phones - This will read MCU, full PPM and CNT in Regular FLS Format (Including VPL) - Currently very useful for Nokia 107 RM-961 * Added Read Flash File Custom Address and Full Flash.High speed turbo flash, new protocol devices Lumia, Window phones etc.Unlock / Relock using RPL method. Even if your phone simlocks are corrupted, The ATF Network can still attempt to perform battle a Level 3 Recovery from it, but it will cost you some ATF SL3 Credits.
Flash App Information: B00 uefi App: flash APP Flash App Protocol Version:.41 Flash App Implementation Version:.75 Query root KEY hash.
Flash Files for Lumia Phones will be made available on ATF update.60 this month.